I'm Michael Kwok
a Product
obsessed with craft
of all kinds

The crafts which support my UX/UI practice currently include 3D Modeling and Animation, Video Editing and Animation, Graphic Design, Photography. and Jewelry-making

These projects are older and may not be representative of my current skills. Nonetheless, I keep them up for sentimental purposes. Enjoy!

Posit (formerly RStudio) Web Redesign

A new home for the popular RStudio IDE and R community.


Broadening access to private market investments


Helping people fall in love with their new favorite small businesses

Guatemala from 33,000KM

Exhibit Identity: Posters, Motion Graphics, Catalog, and Website

Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 2017

Branding for APAHW's 25th anniversary. Stood out with a modern, cutting-edge image

Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 2016

A clean, flat brand image for a celebration of Asian-American identity

Logo Design

Revamping a small business logos for the digital age