Redesigning Chicago-based WithYou to foster lasting connections between neighbors and local businesses
What is WithYou?
WithYou's mission is to allow small businesses to provide incentives and bonus campaigns to their loyal customers the same way that large corporations can without huge investments in tech and marketing. In the process, they aim to reduce paper mail environmental burden and create flourishing communities.
We iterated on WithYou's MVP, focusing on three key areas:
• Onboarding - trimming from 6 screens to 1
• Flows for planned, spontaneous, and retroactive discount usage
• Deal sorting, adding metadata-based options while maintaining feature clarity in wireframe and hi-fidelity prototypes.
View app prototype

Design Decision Highlights


In order to make coupon results more relevant for users, we needed to add metadata-based sorting options, such as nearby, new, or soon-to-be expired. In order to add these options separately from the existing business category options, we added a scrolling top-bar that contains category filters.

Creating Business Pages

In order to create longterm connections between neighbors and businesses, users are now able to follow businesses to receive notifications about deals from their favorite businesses. In time, this functionality would be extended to include a business's rewards program and special spontaneous deals based on geofencing.

Card Redesign

The current design's small cards and lack of deal titles made it very difficult for users to quickly ascertain if a deal was worth their time, driving down engagement.