Hey there!

I'm Michael Kwok

I first fell in love with UX after following design blogs for my first iPhone and witnessing interaction paradigms evolve in the years after. I have 5 years of work experience, with 3 in UX and Product. During this time I've lead 5+ web redesigns and dozens of feature updates. I believe in a truly multi-disciplinary approach to design, bringing experience with coding and business together with a love for design and composition.

I love fashion, hip-hop and house, and cuisines from around the globe.  I enjoy when subjects mesh and merge and have a deep appreciation for craft of all kinds.

Grab a copy of my resume here!

My Career so far

I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine, becoming a UX and Product designer after switching industries.

I view my non-traditional design background as a strength, with the technical and business knowledge to design in any context. I'm now putting my skills to use as a freelance designer, and I'd love to chat about new opportunities or projects!

Design Systems
Product Design
Project Management
Design Thinking
UI Design
Front-End Development

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