At-Bay Resource Center

Hooking up At-Bay's content team with a shiny new home.
Project Info
At-Bay is a Cyber-Security insurance company for the 21st century with dynamic pricing and binding quotes available for clients.

As they expanded their target range from insurance brokers to the wider Cyber-Security conversation, they needed a new home which would help their new audiences jump into the articles that matter.
Highlighted Updates
  • Clearly identifying audiences and providing Brokers with their own interaction path.
  • Topic based navigation rails.
  • A dynamic header above the fold that allows them to introduce multiple topics to users.


Leaving the readers to discovery

At-Bay's old knowledge home had the following shortcomings: Their header area was not converting as well as they would have liked; articles were written with certain topics and series in mind, but were sorted strictly chronologically; finally, important broker documents were only easily found using the search function and prior knowledge of the artifact name.

We solved for these issues by: