Securitize Web Redesign and Iteration

Developing a public website to welcome investors and improve the sales and customer education journey
What is Securitize?
Securitize tokenizes private equity, and allows it to be transferred and traded autonomously, improving an antiquated, paper-based process.

In 2021, we opened Securitize Markets, a platform which broadens access to this traditionally limited space.

Our website had to evolve to welcome these investors while still enabling lead flow for our sales team.
Tech and tools used
Site Architecture:
Craft CMS, TailwindCSS (utility-first CSS framework), AlpineJS

Design Tools and Project Management:
Figma, JIRA, git-flow

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When I joined, Securitize was focused on it's B2B offering - the ability to tokenize private equity and allow issuers to fundraise digitally. However, our product team had almost completed a marketplace which would allow investors to proactively seek out private market investments - a new development in the space.

With Securitize Markets as the new centerpiece of our business strategy, we had to develop a new website that focused on investors, not institutions, with a fresh new brand and better content strategy to match.

Project Goals:

Organizing Customer Journeys

We had quite a bit of content from our old site to migrate. From thought leadership to past news articles, we wanted to ensure that the most important and backlinked pages made it to the new site intact. However, there was a clear challenge - how would we prevent that backlog from overwhelming our new core features? To answer that question, we ran cardsorts for the material which would be deployed on the new site.

Cardsort Takeaways:

Sample Cardsort 1

Sample Cardsort 2

Responsive Design System

I am a strong believer that a designer's and developer's tools shape their product. In this case, our website's theming was primarily driven by TailwindCSS, which itself has a rather opinionated view on responsive design. Therefore, we took cues from Tailwind's design philosophies for our work.

Design System Framework:

Design System

Designing for Viewports

Iterating on B2B Navigation

As we lived with our site over a few months, our Salespeople communicated two issues -


User Test Insights:
I don’t quite know where to look on this menu - these terms are too technical or vague and my eye isn’t drawn to any particular area.
- Client from Whitehall Capital


The result has a clear primary call to action (”Explore our All-In-One Solution”), separates our product offerings into their own hubs, and describes each product, allowing users to navigate to the page (and form) which suits their needs best, while improving our ambient education.